• Hi, can you let me know what's going on here?  There's an odd pattern of you giving admin rights, then deleting all that person's articles and removing rights.  Was there a problem with them?  

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    • Apologies

      I was in irregular contact with the other person.  I was also going away for some time so I wasn't able to have access to this wiki and was going to 'temporarily', (although this varies by interpretion) away.  Also the other person hasn't been active since our last encounter.

      I again apologise for any inconvenience I have caused anyone.

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    • Okay.  It sounds as though, if they come back, you'll need to work on having much better communication between you :)

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    • I agree.  If he/she does decide to return then I will work on a closer basis with he/she.

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    • A FANDOM user
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